Friday Favourites.

What with it being the year of the horse and all, I have been trawling for horsey paintings. Not as easy as it sounds, I wanted impactful paintings, ones that honour horses, that show their beauty, power and vulnerability.

With this in mind I have compiled a lovely selection, the first of which I am sharing today.

Picasso's Boy With a HorsePablo Picasso

Benedicte GeleBenedicte Gele

Blue Horse by Franz Marc Franz Marc

Diego RamosDiego Ramos

Henri Toulouse LautrecHenri Toulouse Lautrec

James McLaughlin Way - Bow 2008James McLaughlin Way

Jean MetzingerJean Metzinger

Degas_JockeysBeforeTheRace2 Edgar Degas

jylian gustlinJylian Gustlin

Marc Chagall  EquestrienneMarc Chagall

I hope you have enjoyed this selection, and do please follow the links to see more work by these artists, except for Diego Ramos, I simply cannot find any information about him or any links to his work, if you are able to help that would be wonderful.

Have a superb weekend.

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2 Responses to Friday Favourites.

  1. Ross Mac says:

    You have to check out horse paintings by Xu Beihong.

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