Friday Favourites.

There is something that I think draws all of us to a certain extent to the Wild West, the excitement of being in a virgin territory, the lure of wide open spaces, the saga of the pioneers, the romance of the Cowboy and his horse.

Nothing captures all of this like the  mysterious, dangerous, beautiful, grand, towering Canyons of the Wild West.

William S. PhillipsWilliam S. Phillips

Desert Giants, Utah - Franz Bischoff

Franz Bischoff

ATW-DownstreamFromSaddleCanyon9AMElizabeth BlackElizabeth Black

Gary Ernest SmithGary Ernest Smith

Hiroshi Yoshida

Hiroshi Yoshida

  Maxfield Parrish - Grand CanyonMaxfield Parrish

Moebius Jean Giraud - Blueberry Jean Giraud  (Moebius) 

RafeClouds Over the Colorado24x36Sandy TerryRafe Terry

Virgin Creek Canyon, by Maynard DixonMaynard Dixon

And, as they would say out in the Wild, Wild  West….. “Yeehah” …….as they rode off into the sunset of another weekend.

Have a wonderfully relaxing one.

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One Response to Friday Favourites.

  1. Robert Cumming says:

    What a great bunch of people to display such wonderful works of art.

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