Zinaida Serebriakova #2



A further look at the wonderful, beguiling work and life of an amazing woman and artist – Zinaida Serebriakova and a selection of  some of her extensive body of self portraits.


Zinadia Serebriakova was born on December 10, 1884, in what is now the Ukraine, on the estate of Neskuchnoye near Kharkov. Her maiden name was Lanceray. Her family was the cultured and artistic family known as the Benois – a accomplished family of architects, musicians, painters and sculptors.



Her father Yevgeni Aleksandrovich Lanceray was a famous sculptor, while her grandfather Nikolai Leontyevich Benois was an academician & chairman of Saint Petersburg Association of Architects & a member of the Russian Academy of Science.




Her uncle was Alexandre Nikolayevich Benois, an illustrious artist & the founder of the Mir Iskusstva art group.





One of Zinaida’s brothers, Nikolay Yevgenyevich Lanceray, was a talented architect, and her other brother, Yevgeny Yevgenyevich Lanceray, had an important place in Russian art as a master of monumental painting & graphic art.



In 1901, Zinadia studied painting under the famous Russian artist, Ilya Yefimovich Repin, also a Ukranian artist.  Between 1902–1903 she traveled through Italy on her return she  then studied under portrait artist Osip Braz between 1903 & 1905.


Self-Esteem-Zinaida-Serebriakova-Self-Portrait-1956 images


After her marriage in 1905  she studied at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris. After returning to Russia, she garnered broad public recognition for her self-portrait At the Dressing-Table (1909), first shown at a large exhibition mounted by the Union of Russian Artists in 1910.

12763554235_f7db9a2ba6_z Zinaida-Serebriakova-1884-1967002to be continued……

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