Monday Morning Musings………………..

It’s Monday, it’s morning, it’s cold and I am musing.

So much to do and always so little time. I am sitting Blogging when I should be hanging up the washing, supervising the builders, planning the week’s menues, finalising bookings for the September trip to Turkey, sending off the deposit for June’s camping trip…….

Ah, now those last two got me really daydreaming.

I am so excited about the Turkey trip. It is going to be a family trip with Ballooning in Cappadocia on my birthday, days of exploring Istanbul with my special people,

p18ijkk33f11jbhru1lcg24qsgs5and then  4 day Gulet cruise for just the 2 of us.

With this glorious image in mind, I am off to hang up the washing, do the menues, make sure the builders are on track, email my Turkish travel agent, EFT the camping deposit and have a glorious cup of Ginger infused coffee.

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