It’s Tuesday………………

……… it’s Turkey!

This is partially to hype myself for our trip but also to keep myself focused on what a wonderful adventure this is going to be. So, you will have to forgive me for my weekly travel log. Maybe a spin off will be that it inspires one of you to head off to Turkey as well.

travelguides-turkey3My indispensable Eyewitness Travel-guide, they are by far the best.

Trying to book and co-ordinate 8 people’s tickets, itineraries, work commitments and then airport transfers etc, when you are not a travel agent can be a bit stressful. But thankfully that is nearly done, then it is just the fun of getting excited about what we are going to be doing and seeing.

turkey_city_mapWe arrive in Istanbul and transit straight to Cappadocia, which you can see is in central Turkey so a bit chillier than at the coast.

Continued next Tuesday

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