Monday Morning Musing……..


It is so funny how quickly time goes by, one minute you are at the beginning of July and the next thing it is August.

For us down South it is heralds the  end of Winter and the slow emergence of Spring and then my absolute favourite season Summer.


With Winter comes the dreaded colds and ‘flu. I have managed to avoid anything other than the odd sniffle for the past 3 or 4 winters, so, I knew I was due for bug infestation. What always amazes me is how something you cannot, see, hear, smell, touch or taste can totally floor you.

I was grounded with a nasty chest cold which then morphed into Bronchitis, just for good measure. I have basically lost 2 weeks of good productive life, all to something which floats around unseen just waiting to alight on any random person.


Today I have been feeling so much better, almost able to climb a flight of stairs without feeling the need for an oxygen tank.

bc2e3f8e2e25c3eafef07ec5d571a46bSo, I have decided to share some spirit lifting images with you, things brighten your day and encourage a small smile of anticipation.

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