Have Bicycle Will Transport

It is Sunday and I am sitting here feeling awfully guilty as my poor blog is taking a real backseat these days.

First it was the renovations, then the painters, then I was really under the weather with a bad cough/bronchitis and now with our Turkey trip a scant 24 days away and with lists longer than Father Christmas’s I know the Magpie’s Nest it going to be even more neglected.

Ever hopeful, I am going to try to get in a few posts before we leave.

A while back  when we were in India I was flabbergasted by the way Bicycles were loaded with merchandise, I have since collected a few examples of how to make full use of your bicycle as a rather large, all carrying, abnormal load sort of truck!

6233ddb5cfd435bb6842c02021219105 9821e4e8384044715499fe4e2b5cae50 3282aa00cefe4b6c9feda79fc0c8c4a4 181030_10151518902838128_2068528430_n 0431e487454119c62e66d8d5381b317a 339deb241d7ea6990aad229e7eb69033 145faf9d6ca8c1082242309319578ee2 50a06f81b46706397c2f497859e859c9 9c04614774754e50ae79a540275a046eThat was part one, more to follow………..

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