Talking Turkey

It was supposed to be Turkey Tuesday but that seems to have gone by the board, so it will be Turkey on a Thursday.

I am so excited as we leave in less than a week.

9b6fc6ed42f4d75ff327f22624aaf2e2We will be, ballooning on my birthday in Cappadocia,


exploring the wonderful cave churches and homes in Cappadocia,

Historic neighbourhood of Arnavutköy, Istanbul, Turkey

wandering around the wonderful suburbs of Istanbul,


visiting the Blue Mosque,


heading up the hill to the Galata Tower,

hagia sophia

staring open mouthed at the wonder that is Hagia Sophia, on my To Do list from when I studied art at school,


shopping at fresh produce markets, the like of which we never see back home,


shopping, shopping, shopping,



slipping down to the Mediterranean for a little jaunt through wondrous Greek and Roman ruins and then…….

2fcd959d8feb754979e5d2c92f2c8695a Gulet cruise for a few days before it is back to the rat race.

I cannot wait!

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