Birds of a Feather

A sampling of Woop Studio‘s wonderful graphic depictions of collective animal nouns.

I chose bird images, why?

Because I like birds and I liked the collective nouns.

Woop Studios A Watch of Nightingales 3c2f29799b23e1a672c8f881df88bf5d 8f0c3979d1231d787698962964208b26 342be2f11b42f490f90970b59ea08fb7 642f1be24358ad6e243d649a8a598eb9 bd9d79e68f1f10407a5a945a70978ea1 e4c3849909dccf0b9c8b37a046077373 eb2be8f277be466ee2726c23de97c2e1 f08d9a23d4a7f730a35197bdff53aeae original_graphic-design-print-a-chime-of-wrens This original design by WoopThese prints are available from the minalima Store.

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