Monday Morning Musings……………..

Some wishful thinking………


This Monday I have more than a few musings and some serious reflecting.

I am sitting here in the cold of an East Coast Winter, which seems to happen on a few days in July, wondering what happened to the year.

I started off with such good intentions, and apart from my New Year post have not put finger to keyboard for 6 months!

It is so easy to make excuses but that is not good enough. I love my Blog, I love rambling and researching and sharing and hearing feedback from my few readers, so why have I not done anything for 6 months.

I have begun to paint more, I am also now in charge of all the social media for our Studio (3 Facebook pages and all the correspondence) and truth be told, I just have not got round to posting.

Let’s see if this will be the start to a wonderful series of fun posts!

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