I Was Reading

One thing that I always make time for in my day is reading, even if it is just a page or two.

I am a compulsive reader, you know those types that put out their holiday reading before they decide what clothes to take, sacrifice the extra shoes for another book.

And, no, I do not have a Kindle, I love the feel of a book, the sensuous rill of the pages as you thumb through, the heft in your hand as you lift it to read, the fact it won’t smash when you drop it as you fall asleep to the same two lines you did the night before.

I have just read 3 of the most delightful books, they all seem to follow the same sort of gentle journey of self discovery. They are well written and have very plausible characters, although the setting for all of the stories is a little  quirky and  out of the ordinary.

The first was

22304937Waiting for Doggo – a delightful read, a very gentle feel good love story. It doesn’t tax the brain and is a very quick read.

Boy gets dumped by girl who ducks off to New Zealand with new boyfriend and is left with ugly rescue mutt called Doggo. He gets a new job with an Ad Agency (had one before and was a bit of a whizz) and a sort of relationship develops with a co-worker, but both play it down…….some spanners in the works but  all’s well that ends well.  This is crying out to be made into a Rom Com movie.

then there was,

23346726A Robot In the Garden An absolute delight. Beautifully written.

The book starts of with –

‘There’s a robot in the garden,’ my wife Amy, informed me.

I was hooked, An unusual read, having as one of the main characters, a shabby, thrown together little robot with the temperament of a feisty five year old. Set in the near future where androids are the ‘help’, you have Ben, Amy and Tang, an unlikely dysfunctional little family group.

Ben, it seems, is finding it hard to focus on life and grow up, accept responsibility and complete anything he starts, Amy is a successful Barrister and is at a very different point in life from Ben, then,  lastly there is Tang, the tatty little home made robot who found it’s way into their garden.

It is a journey of self discovery for all the protagonists  and is a modern fable about family, loss, friendship, growing up and  getting on with things

I would recommend ” A Robot In The Garden” as a light feel good read.

and my last book in this vein was,

The+universe+versus+alex+woodsThe Universe vs Alex Woods – An absolute delight.

I was not expecting to be drawn in to such an extent. An engaging story with some very plausible characters written very well. It starts at the end and then leads you through the circumstances of Alex’s contest with the Universe, who, it seems, enjoys throwing obstacles in Alex’s way.

It restores your faith in the inherent kindness and the niceness of people. Even the grumpiest, most obstructive person cannot help but be moved by the sincere honest need by someone to help and care. It is  a thought-provoking book that deals with many sensitive subjects – such as bullying, free will, life, death, euthanasia and morality, all in a respectful and meaningful way.

“In life, there are no true beginnings or endings. Events flow into each other, and the more you try to isolate them in a container, the more they spill over the sides, like canal-water breaching its artificial banks. A related point is that the things we label ‘beginnings’ and ‘endings’ are often, in reality, indistinguishable. They are one and the same thing. This is one of the things the Death card symbolizes in tarot – an end that is also a new beginning.”
Gavin Extence, The Universe Versus Alex Woods

Interestingly all three novels were debut novels, let’s hope we see some more work from these three authors.

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  1. mukul chand says:

    Reading ..wow.. great write ups . Pls do read my blog on the Jaipur literature where I try to explore the magic of books as well.http://www.travelwithmukul.wordpress.com

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