One fish, two fish………

24949011980_3e97784fee_cFriday night is usually Burger and Movie night, but while I was out grocery shopping I went into Bartho’s Fish Co. (a not so local for me, Fresh Fish store) on the off chance that they might have some Tuna.

And there they were Gorgeous Fresh Tuna Steaks just crying out to be seared and become my dinner.

I usually marinade my Tuna for about 10 minutes in a mixture of  a 1/4 cup of soy sauce, about a Tablespoon of mirin, the same of honey and rice wine vinegar, a splash or two of sesame oil and then some sesame seeds to coat the steaks with, I like to use some black and some white.

Then I  serve it with a small salad, wasabied sweet potato mash and some pickled ginger


But not tonight, I felt like something a little different, perhaps just searing the tuna and then serving with a delicious salad and a mayonnaise of some sort. And, that is how I happened on my new favourite food blog……Tasty Yummies.

Being a off and on follower of the dreaded Banting diet and having a Gluten intolerant daughter I need to be creative with a limited pantry.  Beth has created such a inspiring blog with such delicious recipes. So, tonight it is –

 Seared Tuna with Wasabi Citrus Aioli

Do go onto Beth’s blog, so many delicious recipes for those of us who either have a Gluten problem or just need to avoid Carbohydrates.

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