The Magpie

Mother of 3 creative daughters


Just Painting Again Painter

Passionate Cook

Lover of all Things Bright and Beautiful

Compulsive Collector


10 Responses to The Magpie

  1. Jen Castle says:

    Gwynn – enjoying your blog! Jen

  2. Gwynn Smith says:

    Thanks Jen, I am loving it. I think there is a frustrated writer in me and I love sharing all the bits I find.

  3. I looked briefly at your blog a while back & didn’t really have time to look properly. Will definitely visit more often. Thanks for creating a link to my blog – will include you on my links (they are all muddled at the moment) I need to find time to sort them – I get a set of Grade 12 trials papers in tomorrow! 😦

  4. gonerustic says:

    Great cv – brief, and lists all the really important things! =D

  5. Hello Gwynn! Thanks very much for including my work in your blog. I am amongst some illustrious company! Thanks again and have a beautiful day:)

    • Gwynn Smith says:

      Hi Heather, I love your work and I feel the need to share work that inspires me. You might be among some illustrious company but you certainly deserve to be there. I hope my humble little blog brings your work to the notice of people who otherwise might not have had the pleasure of seeing it.

  6. Ariane Luce says:

    hello Gwynn
    I am reading your blog from the south of France since several months, because I enjoy it so much I had to start it from the very beginning… I just started 2013! It’s a sort of “bol d’air frais” for me and I thank you very much for your sharing.

    • Gwynn Smith says:

      Hi Ariane
      I am so happy you enjoy my blog and that it is a “breath of fresh air”. I really enjoy writing it, although the last year and a bit it has been a bit erratic. I have just begun painting again and find that I spend most of my spare time doing just that. I am off to Turkey with my family in a few days so I am afraid there will be a bit of a break, but upon my return prepared o be bombarded with Turkish memories.
      Thank you for taking the time to chat to me.

  7. Sharon says:

    As a Londoner I enjoyed Fonteyn and Nureyev and when I could afford to get a seat I would watch them. They danced like I have never seen before or since. I grew up with them. I would love to get prints of the photos on your page to frame and keep. Do you know how I can get copes suitable for framing.

    • Gwynn Smith says:

      Hi Sharon,
      I am so envious of you having seen them dance. being situated down here at the tip of Africa, I had to content myself with seeing them on film, no quite like the real thing. As regards to the images, I think you need to just google where the images come from and then approach the owners of the photos to see if they would assist you in getting prints.

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