Rainy days and Mondays…


I am a summer person, there is nothing I love better than long, hot sunny days.

Days that start early with buttery yellow light and birdsong.

We are heading into “Winter”, I put inverted commas because according to the rest of the country us Durbanites have no idea of what a real Winter feels like. Ok, so we don’t really get cold here and can still tan in mid winter, but, we still have those dark mornings and early evenings, horrid short days.

And, to really add to the misery this week, it is raining. If you know anyone who lives in Durban, we only leave home for emergencies when it is raining, the roads are quiet, the stores are blissfully empty.

So here I sit, after 4 days of consistent cold rain on day number 5 and it is still dark and cold and wet and I am dreaming of sunshine, long days, golden light, sticky skin and pool paddling.

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Monday Morning Musings

This is a rather special Monday, there will be a super Supermoon tonight.


Sure, there have been Supermoons before — this will be the second in a series of three this spring. But, the full moon that peaks  tonight will be closer to Earth than any other since 1948. The full moon won’t come this close again until 2034.


Photograph by Anthony Ayiomamitis/Perseus.gr

When the moon is at it’s closest point to earth during it’s orbit is is called a  “perigee moon”. When a perigee moon coincides with the full moon, the extra-large, brightly lit moon is known as a Supermoon.

A cross atop of a local monastery stands in front of the moon in the settlement of Poschupovo in Ryazan regionPhoto by Maxim Shemetov/Reuters

Those looking at the moon as it hovers closer to the horizon are in for a treat. NASA reports that these observers will be able to see a “moon illusion,” which makes the moon look exceptionally big when viewed through foreground objects like tall buildings.


A supermoon rises next to the ancient Greek temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion, some 65 kilometers south of Athens, on June 23, 2013.

It looks like we will miss the moon tonight as the forecast is for cloudy skies. So, if we miss this month’s Supermoon, we have one more chance on Dec. 14, when the last Supermoon of 2016 will rise in the sky. However, it won’t be quite as close as November’s, which NASA says will be a “showstopper.”


This photograph from the 2012 perigee moon represents what would be my ultimate viewing of the moon rising.

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Monday Morning Musings



It’s Monday and it has followed a rather dark and drizzly weekend, the kind that keeps you indoors and totally unproductive.

I have a confession, we binge watched a series, never done it before, but felt not a shred of guilt, after all it was a awful Saturday, cold and raining, and, all the chores that were to be done were outdoors.

What an amazing series  –  “The Fall”. I must say nobody quite comes up to their standard of classy, believable thrillers. Season one done and dusted now to start on season 2 and there is a season 3, so excited.

But, TV Series binge watching aside, on days when it drizzles on and off and the sun teases with furtive little peekings and everything is soggy and there are piles of laundry lurking all over the house and the animals have cabin fever I daydream of ……..tropical islands and sun and beaches and gentle warm breezes.

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Spirit Lifter


It is that time of year down here on the East Coast of South Africa, weeks of gloomy dark days of endless drizzle. We need the rain having come out of a rather nasty period of El Niño, but one begins to long for the sun and colour.

Nothing like an overload of pink to lift the spirits.

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Quietly Slipping back….

I have neglected my beloved blog for way too long, so, today I have a few minutes spare so am committing myself to making  few spare minutes at least twice a week to share some of  the amazing things one can find on this treasure trove called the internet.

During the course of my day, while doing research for the pages I manage I find the most beautiful, astounding, glorious, happy, thoughtful, I could go on forever, “things”, so it is not for lack of material that I have not been sharing my findings and thoughts, but bad time management!

No more. Instead of a New Years resolution, I am making an almost the end of the year resolution.

And what better way to start the regeneration of my blog, but, with the beautiful aerial photographs of Loess Heerink



Fascinated by the colorful arrangements of flowers and fruits strapped to the bikes of street vendors in Vietnam, photographer Loes Heerink began climbing onto different bridges around Hanoi to capture these pops of color on the streets. Heerink loved that each of the vendors creates a new piece of art everyday, and that the collection of goods they bring into town differs each morning. This act prompted the series “Vendors from Above,” a collection of these street vendor photographs she shot while living in Vietnam.

In order to commemorate these workers, who are often female migrants, Heerink is hoping to expand the project to create a photobook through her new Kickstarter campaign which will bring her back to Vietnam. You can see more series from the now Netherlands-based photographer on her website and Instagram. (via thisiscolossal.com)

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I am back…………

 Gwynn G12 #3 392

Well, I am back, open roads, endless plains and huge skies all left behind.

But not for long…… off again early on Friday for an Easter Weekend jaunt to a lovely place called Umlalazi, which is an Ezemvelo (ex Natal Parks Board) Nature Reserve near Mtunzini on the KwaZuluNatal coast.

So excited as I have never been there and you are reportedly able to see Palmnut Vultures, one of the rarest bird’s of prey in South Africa. They live in the Rafia Palm Forest.

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………..Road Tripping…………

DSCF1944In the words of one of my favourite driving songs…”we’re on the road again”…off to a family wedding in Cape Town, so, why not do a little Karoo wander while we’re about it……off at the crack of dawn tomorrow for exploring and adventuring.

Have an exciting weekend.

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