Some of My Favourite Dragons……..

These are some of my favourite Dragons, some are seriously scary and others, only when they need to be.

Maleficent, the awful sorceress from Sleeping Beauty as terrifying as only a Disney villainess could be.

dear sweet Dragon from Shrek………just don’t get on her bad side or harm her Donkey!

 Haku – Spirited Away

Gringotts Dragon – Harry Potter

Draco – Dragonheart

Toothless – How To Train a Dragon

Falkor – Never Ending Story

Madame Mim – Sword In The Stone, a really nasty piece of work!


My absolute favourite Dragon of all………………….

Mushu – Mulan

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One Response to Some of My Favourite Dragons……..

  1. Rocket Dog (Ergo Proxy) says:

    I agree with this list except Ashuton, Haku, Toothless, Skyrim Dragons, and Reign of Fire Dragons are first on mine 😀 especially Toothless! He’s like a dragon version of Stitch!

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